Where it all started.


Graphic Design, Service Design, UI Design, UX Design, you name it, we know it - well.

We were designers ourselves.  We still are.


We asked ourselves why designers don't always seem to get the support they deserve.  

And we asked why businesses are having to pay such high costs for getting design training and consultants to bridge the gaps and assist.


We put our skills to use and have designed a new way to support designers and their businesses. Imparting design knowledge, coaching and helping hands should be fair to all.  And we decided to build a community around it.

This became the DNA Design Community.


Supporting designers and businesses with one goal: to create a meaningful experience for them both. It's the team experience we are designing support for. No robots or AI or machine learning here.

This is about people.


We specialise in supporting designers and businesses in tandem, where the business is more successful because of it, and the designer is fulfilled in contributing, growing and sharing in this success. 

We get to know our business and our design members, understand the support they need today and what they may need more or less of in the future.