We work at helping our members make their life as a designer easier and enjoyable because often life gets in the way.  Designers are people too (mothers, fathers, partners, sisters, brothers, friends, colleagues) - that means there is a whole lot going on besides design work in their lives.  

We are committed to finding ways to lift life's baggage so that our design members can take control of their professional trajectory and pursue their passion.

Taking charge of your well-being means being able to manage all aspects of your busy life: your financial, physical, and emotional well-being.

We can help.

Our growing list of well-being benefits, from us, to you:
> Getting your essentials delivered keeps you safe (avoiding public places) and productive (less day time spent in stores). Shop here and members receive R50 off every order.

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> Do you have a design mentor?  Someone to learn from and turn to for design support through your career journey?  Connect with one of our experienced designers for advice.

> Healthy body healthy mind.  We bring you a fitness organisation that is obsessed with the connection of the two.  Grind365 will connect you with ways to improve your physical well-being from nutrition to fitness.  We'll put you in touch for your free assessment.

Image by Robert Katzki