mentors and coaches.

Meet our mentors
Our mentors are experienced designers in the community who have put their hand up to support those members requiring some design guidance.  They do this for the pure love and passion for design.  They have been in your shoes before, they have tried, failed and tried again, many times, and have the tales to tell.  If you are looking for design related guidance and advice, get in touch with a mentor.  
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Meet our coaches
Our professional coaches offer a paid for service to help upskill you as a designer.  A design professional that supports and works with the designer on design related activities as well as provide tips, tricks and toolkits to empower the designer to drive their growth with their support.
Coaching is customised for the individual, driven by the individual, and action orientated with on the

Want to find a design coach?

Contact us and we will connect you with one.

Image by Iñaki del Olmo