Our community of designers is a valuable bunch of creative and interesting people we know well, and highly value.  We take care to provide them with access to the best businesses that can also bring value to their lives.


We work with established companies, start ups, and entrepreneurial groups to help them find business partners; develop research; find talent; launch new business initiatives; promote their unique brand and offerings, and more.​

How can you enter into a mutually beneficial and meaningful connection with our design community members?

Here some suggestions of how you can contribute:

Exclusive offers


  • Sponsor us (our design coffees/ events)



  • Speak at our events

  • Blog for us

  • Suggest a featured designer/ business/ project


Make us of our services 

  • Hire us to speak (at their organisation/ event)

  • Host your event via our online platform

  • Hire our designers!



  • Suggest features/ content for our website

  • Suggest new ways of work

  • Tell us about your ideas!

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