for businesses.

“Help my business convert design expertise into how we do business.”

“Help my business attract talented, skilled and passionate designers and keep them!”

“Help my business provide ongoing support for our designers throughout their design journey.”

“Help me help my designers reach our business goals.”

"Help me grow a design team from recruitment through to establishing a world class design competency."


We’ve answered your call. 

 By nature of a community that offers designers inspiration, growth and knowledge, we sometimes step in to help them find their next opportunity.
We are not recruiters nor do we offer recruitment services. 

We are design connectors.  
This means we connect designers only with business opportunities that truly fit.  
To do this, we work WITH businesses and recruiters.

We offer 3 ways to support your design call:

  1. Design placement >>

  2. Design consulting >>

  3. Design subscription model >>

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Design placement

We help solve problems by helping you build your team.  We don't call it recruitment. We call it connecting.

We connect people and businesses with one goal:

to create a meaningful and mutually beneficial experience for both.

It's the team experience we are responsible for.


This is no random designer selection, you know where all looks perfect in black and white? No. Good placement is dependent on a real connection between person and business. Sure many designers can solve your business problem.  But there are very few that will feel fulfilled solving your particular business type of problems. We find that one, that special one suited to you. And when we do, the job just gets done, well, with no employee stress.


How do we get this right?

  1. Advise and assist in all design related areas for designer and business including job specs and CV’s. 

  2. Accompany interviewing stages, onboarding to represent design.

  3. Consulting business in design related areas of the engagement before, during and after placement.

Get in touch if you’d like to hire from our community of designers.

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Design consulting

Working with great companies across a wide range of industry sectors to create innovative, inspiring experiences.


Traditionally, consulting often equates to a substantial investment sometimes for ‘business as usual’ contributions.  Our view of design consulting is a short term investment to make design efforts self-sustainable in the long term.  

Our design consultants are specialist designers with the ability to design for impact for your business in accordance with your business goal or problem requiring addressing. 


We lead design initiatives, including User Experience and Service Design.  From strategy, design research and ideation to solution design and implementation, we follow a human-centered design approach to create experiences for products, services and brands. We believe that you have to get into the head of the humans you interact with from your customers and employees to your vendors and partners, in order to understand them and design experiences for them. Co-create & Co-design is the foundation to our approach in achieving this.


Our consultants come from all areas of design from strategy and leadership where design competencies and centers of excellence have been grown from the ground up, to specialists in design research, ideation, training and the list goes on.


Design Research - Observing and understanding people and how they interact with products and services provides a solid foundation for any project.


Experience Strategy - Defining a customer experience vision and aligning activities and success criteria to create better experiences, resulting in happy customers, and healthy businesses.


Service Design - Delivering value to people through innovating or improving systems, communication and material components of a service across every touchpoint.


Business Innovation - Designing more effective processes to increase your competitive advantage and likelihood of success.


UX Training - Deliver training across the spectrum of user-centered design (User-Research, Design and User-Testing).


UX Coaching - views, perspective, tips, tricks, know-hows and how-to's, "in-situ" with on-the-job coaching to help designers learn, grow, and be equipped in the transition through the milestones in their design career. 


Our outcomes based consulting approach focuses on making outcomes real. This means the right designer solving the right problem so that it is tackled efficiently and effectively in terms of time, cost and effort.


“We need to empower our teams to deliver innovation that matters.”

“Our user experiences are inspired by people.”

Get in touch if you’d like to talk about our consulting options.

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Design subscription

We give your designers access to a design community in which they can build their careers, expand their skillset and knowledge, and continuously be inspired to develop their design signature.

Our business subscription service gives them even more. A support structure they need, when they need it, on the job!

Business subscription assigns them privileged access to: 

design knowledge | design coaching | design hands


  • Design Coffee's - presentation events on design related topic

  • Q&A sessions - sessions with a design expert to address and answer pressing design questions

  • Discussion groups - an open forum to share and give perspective on anything design related



  • "On-the-job" Training - teaching skills and imparting knowledge on real projects

  • "Ask the experts" one-on-one - a thorough session with a design expert to discuss, diagnose, and to reach a high level solution way to tackle a design related issue



  • Make use of a designer as a resource to work on design related work with outputs

Your subscription is bespoke to your business and its design needs.  
Contact us to talk about structuring a subscription that works for you!

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Custom packages


* Custom packages ~ perhaps you are an independent designer requiring a different type of support or maybe your organisation has well defined and more specific design support needs and you’d like to customise your package accordingly. 

>>>Contact us for a custom conversation

* Additional consulting ~ Our DDC designers are available to give more time to your project or design strategy should you want to welcome them as contributors to your team for longer stays, helping you get to those design related outcomes you seek. 

>>>Contact us for a consultation conversation

*Additional design recruitment ~ we have experience in growing design teams from the ground up.  We believe great design lies in finding the right designers to fulfil the right role in the right business.
>>>Contact us for a recruitment and design competency set up conversation

Let is know if you’d like to subscribe.

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