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Don't give away your thinking for free!

Release the power money has over you.  Say no to jobs that don't pay you.  They're not in your best interest and it doesn't let you move forward.  Why would you accept getting paid half of what you're worth? You're much better off working on your brand. 

We’ve answered your call. 

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freelance opportunities,

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We’d like to extend a helping hand to our design freelancers, to share thoughts, practices, ideas and ways to help your freelance business.  Success is more than just being the best designer, it's about setting up your business to thrive while you do what you love - design.


We look into the tricks of the freelance trade, what freelance design success looks like and how to achieve it. 


Immerse yourself and grow your freelance business!


Want to get better at UX?

Launching our HE (Heuristic Evaluation) workshops soon.

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We help freelance designers find opportunities suited to their design skillset and way of work. 

We’re not a platform. We are connectors.  


We facilitate connections between client project opportunities and freelance designers.   


We are designers and entrepreneurs ourselves, and it is with this experience, knowledge and mindset that we are able to facilitate a meaningful connection between a client/project and you, the freelancer. 

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We pay our members a referral fee if they refer someone for a freelance opportunity or if they tell us about a freelance opportunity. For all successful freelance engagements.


Let us connect you with your next design freelance project/ client. 

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We pay members a referral fee upon successful freelance engagements.