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Here’s how we can help:

Freelance opportunities - we help sell your creative services to businesses in the community.
Growth services - connect with design experts who are sharing their knowledge. 
Learn about the growing world of design - tap into the latest thoughts on all things design and business fundamentals.

Here’s how YOU can join the cause:

Help freelancers in your network - help us connect them with opportunities
Contribute content - share your design views with the community
Mentor and train - give back by offering help to designers who want to learn and up-skill

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(Some call it networking, we call it connecting) 

Find your next project opportunity from a business in our design community.
We are passionate about establishing meaningful connections between freelance designers and business. 
Let us connect you!

 *As a design community member you can also refer designers and earn a referral fee for helping a fellow designer out.


Let us connect you!

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View our current freelance opportunities:

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design growth services.

(Some think growth is about acquiring qualifications, we think its about gaining experience) 


Let the designers in our community help solve your design gaps with growth initiatives that can move your design business forward.


Design growth services include: 


Introductions to User Experience, Service Design, and more.


Workshops on design related areas of speciality from Heuristic Evaluations, User Research and Ideation to Usability Analysis and Blue Prints.


We look into the tricks of the freelance trade, what freelance design success looks like and how to achieve it.

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Here's a taste of some recent design growth initiatives.

Posts are coming soon
Stay tuned...
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(Some call it thought leadership, we call it sharing perspectives) 


We’d like to extend a helping hand to our design freelancers, to share thoughts, practices, ideas and ways to help your freelance business.  Success is more than just being the best designer, it's about setting up your business to thrive while you do what you love - design.

Have a look at our blog for the latest tips, tricks, and happenings in the business world of design. 
Be inspired and position yourself as the design expert you are!

latest blog posts.

latest videos.

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get involved.

Get ready.  Get involved.  Inspire. Collaborate!


Here some suggestions of how you can contribute:


Help designers in your network - let us connect them with opportunities

Refer a job opportunity - Refer a designer looking for a job - Refer designers looking for training

Contribute content - share your design views with the community

Guest Blog - Video Presentations - Case Studies - Q&A forums - Host events 

Mentor and train - give back by offering help to designers learn and up-skill

Mentorship - Coaching - Training - Tool Sharing

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