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Things change for the better ​when teams consist of like-minded people.

We specialise in connecting designers and businesses in a partnership.

That means a relationship where the business is more successful because of it, and the designer is fulfilled in contributing and sharing in this success. 


I live for sharing ideas on design, business and work culture with the world.

You can reach out to me directly at email alan@dna.co.za.

If you’re just browsing, enjoy your stay. If you’d like to become a partner, I'd love to have here from you. Either way, thanks for visiting DDC!

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a design revolution

It's time we start a design revolution!


There are a lot of great influencers out there that can show us what is great about design.  This Design Community has been created to push design even further.  To draw on what has been done before and move us to the next level of great design.  It is so important to us that design is great again for both ourselves as designers, and for our audiences.  We want to walk down the street, use an app, use a microwave and EXPERIENCE great design again.  
That’s what it’s about.
It’s about wanting to take the next step, wanting to move on, wanting to inspire great design.
Whatever it takes.  We don’t know what it’ll take! We’d like to just do it and find out!!

a design community.

Inspiration doesn’t come from a textbook but from other designers and the designs you see in the community in which you live.


Surrounding yourself with a community that truly understands and appreciates design can be the key to thriving as a designer.

Having a community like this can:
Give you a confidence boost when you need it most;
Encourage you to try new things;
Teach you new things.

We believe that every designer can play a part in contributing to design communities.  We have yet to meet a designer who didn’t have something valuable to share with others. Everyone has that special something that makes other designers wish they could do as well as the other designer can. Even we have idols. Never be afraid to share your work or your ideas.


This is a community for anyone interested in service design, user experience design, and customer experience. We started this community to share knowledge, tools, and conversations with fellow designers, employers or whomever wants to talk, share and learn all things design.

A like-minded, open-minded, thought-leading, and innovative community.

This is the place to do work and share it with others.

A place to *steal and improve.
Generously share ideas and knowledge.

Take advantage of the community.  Contribute.

  A place where you become known.


*I steal from people who are smarter than me.  I learn from them.  I improve and then share with everyone.  I give back.

Wondering how many people signed up in the last week alone?

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Utility Pole

we are design connectors.

At DNA Design Connectors we maintain contact with many people in many different worlds and we know them well enough to give them a call.

We specialise in connecting designers and businesses in a partnership.

A mutually beneficial partnership.

For business: we help you build your design team.

For designers: we help you find the right job.

We connect people.

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featured thoughts.

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keep the conversation going.

It takes a little bit of effort to be part of a design community, but it’s effort that will be rewarded in the long-run.

Help us create a world where we push design even further.  A world where all creations are design lead.

Please share with us what you want included in this community.