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alan williams


Working with great companies across a wide range of industry sectors to create innovative, inspiring customer experiences. Alan leads User Experience and Service Design initiatives, including innovation and ideation. He believes that you have to get into the head of your customers, users and employees in order to understand them and design for them.


“We need to empower our teams to deliver innovation that matters.”

“Our user experiences are inspired by people.”

“Empathy and creativity will change the world.

I live for sharing ideas on design, business and work culture with the world.

You can reach out to me directly at email alan@dna.co.za.

candice ruckstuhl


A qualitative and ethnographic researcher with a focus in Service Design, User Experience Design & business and design related research, Candice believes in a design-led approach as the means from which innovative experiences can be designed for. She is passionate about bringing the users voice to the fore, and using their stories to fuel the design of solutions that solve business problems.

I’ve learnt how the best designed solutions are always drawn from those rich insights users share. 

I'm passionate about how a user's perspective can unlock solutions to meet user needs and grow business.

You can reach out to me directly at email candice@dna.co.za.


We have built the design team based on trust and treating people well.

bertus kock

I believe in helping companies build products that are more than just an experience. Products need to add value to people. By adding value to people that use the product, it ultimately benefits the business.

This is achieved by connecting my client to his or her users; helping him or her understand the difference between feelings, opinions, behaviour and what the user ultimately needs, and aligning that with their users' technological level, so that business can grow with a healthier, long term vision in mind.

A better world can only be build if we value the people that are in it.