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Earn cash referring fellow designers or design job opportunities

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We thought you could refer it to your personal or professional network. So you make the commission

Refer DNA Design Connectors to your personal or professional network and earn cash back!


Simply spread the word about our DNA Design Connectors to your personal and professional network and earn cash from those who gets appointed via DNA Design Connectors!

As a connector, we support you with the tools you need to promote our products and earn a substantial commission that takes almost no time to make!

What makes our connector program special?

Make money easily. With every successful appointment, you can earn a commission just from posting our content your WhatsApp groups or on your social media accounts or blogs.
Long life attribution at its finest. Our connector engagement lasts forever, so if someone uses your connector code today, or 10 months from now, you still get the commission. Win-win.
Full support. We provide you with high-quality, creative material to help you advertise DNA Design Connectors to your network.
Monthly schedule tracking. Keep track of your earnings with our easy to use spreadsheet.

How it works


APPLY by sending us an email and we will get in touch sooner than you think! 
APPROVAL will be sent to you via email with confirmation of your unique connector's code and all creative material to help you get the message out.
SHARE your unique connector code with your network to use when making their purchase. 
PAYBACK on every successful appointment made with your unique connector code. This commission will be received via EFT once a month at a minimum of R100  at a time (less amounts to be carried over till they build up to the minimum R100).

Any questions, comments, want to discuss more?
Contact us on design@dna.co.za


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