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Below, you'll find frequently asked questions. If we don't have the answer here, contact us!

Frequently asked questions

How many designers per subscription?

We allow 5 designers per subscription to make use of all the support on offer. They may utilise the benefits as a group, or alone. DDC focuses on delivering the subscription benefits. All we ask is that the 5 assigned designers are the only designers able to attend, request and call on us. For example, if you have one Design Coffee a week, perhaps all 5 designers attend some weeks and other weeks just one. You may have 1hour “on the job” training available a month and one designer may use this all in a month learning to do wireframes, or perhaps they share this time with fellow designers, all learning at the same time, or perhaps you decide to split the time where one designer uses half an hour for wireframe training and the other designer half an hour on design research. The choice is yours as to how you want to utilise the subscription allocations amongst the 5 designers.

How can I add more designers to my subscription?

So you have more than 5 designers requiring DDC support? Great! More designers we can help. Subscriptions are for up to 5 designers, should you want to add more, an additional subscription needs to be taken out (now you have room for up to 10 designers).

Can I get another designer to use my subscription if I can't at the time?

Unfortunately only the 5 designers assigned to your subscription may use your allocated benefits. Should you want to make a permanent change to the designer names (like if someone leaves the team and is replaced by a new designer) then please notify us of the change and we will update our records.

Who is meant to subscribe - the designer or the designers business?

Our packages are designed for business. We have created them with the designers in mind, and the belief that the businesses in which they function can support them through these subscriptions. This is why the subscription packages are for up to 5 designers, not one. If you are an independent designer wanting to subscribe yourself, you may want to consider contacting us for a custom package to suit you unique design needs as a smaller functioning entity.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We don't hold anyone hostage to a contract they cant get out of. We do ask though for a calendar months notice should you want to stop your subscription.

Can I choose the DDCdesigner I want for my support?

We try to fulfill your requests to have specific designers of your choice where possible. It is mostly dependent on their availability - try book the designer well in advance via our booking system. We strive to make a good connection between DDC designer and you the designer and business so that you all want to continue working together where possible on all DDC design related support.

I want to freelance for DDC

We’re a different kind of business. For different kinds of designers. From those who have never dreamed of starting a business to those who have already had a taste of their own freelance success. DDC is for entrepreneurial designers who are looking for an edge that will help them do more, work smarter and kick ass. We have re-worked work and our DDC members all run their own game albeit as a representative of our close knit DDC family. Our designers are independent freelancers that live the DDC values. Check out our manifest and see if we’re a match for you and get in touch!

How do I become a contributor?

So you’re interested in being published on DDC? Great! Let's do it. Please have a read through the information below. Then decide whether this is for you. We'd love to hear from you! What types of content do we accept? We expect original, exclusive and practical content written by someone with experience in UX, Service Design, visual thinking, business storytelling, creativity or other related fields. Design related topics— General thoughts, conversations. Tutorials & How-tos — Short guides that help people get up to speed on a specific method, help them solve a particular problem, or that walk them through the process of achieving something UX or Service Design related. Case Studies — Share practical examples and helpful insights that help readers improve their own work. Stories that benefit the community What we DON'T want! Our readers are first. We carry their best interest at heart. We don't do sponsored posts, self-promotional posts, click-bait, press releases, re-publishing. Let's work together and let us know if you need help with an article you want to post on DDC. We reserve the option to unpublish, remove or withhold any contribution we don't feel serves to the greater good of the design community. Why should you? This is the place to do work and share it with others. A place to *steal and improve. Generously share ideas and knowledge. Take advantage of the community. Contribute. A place where you become known.

What if I need access to designers for permanent placement?

We can help with that. Although not included in the subscription package, we do set up design teams from the ground up and yes, recruit designers. Our service includes assisting in writing job specs, recruiting the right designer for the right role in the right business, we also set up Centers of Excellence for design, and more! Contact us for a conversation about your needs in this regard.

How do you achieve the best matched designer for my business?

We know our designers: We get to know all about what fulfills our designers. This is beyond CV’s and portfolio’s. We advise, assist and develop where necessary, their design toolkit aka your CV and portfolio. It is our duty to mentor and coach our designers through the process. - We are present and mediate the interview between the business and the candidate. - We accompany them in their onboarding with the business, adapting to the new environment and the design role - at hand to integrate them into the business and visa versa! We connect meaningfully and with purpose: We get to know all about your business needs and the problem you expect a designer to help address/solve. We can read the job spec, but we don't offer an aimless search through candidates CVs, it's more personal than that. There is so much more if we want to truly find you a designer fitted specifically to your business and role. We co-design your job specs: It all starts with the problem your business requires a designer to address/solve. We act as your partner: We, your connector, introduce you to designers. It is our duty to mentor and coach you through the process of hiring the right designer for your unique needs. That means we, as your representative, MUST ensure your business needs are fully represented. How? -We partner with your business recruitment specialists (internal or external) to orient them towards a designer - We are present and mediate the interview between the business and the candidate. - We accompany you in your onboarding with the designer - at hand to integrate your business with the designer and visa versa! Optional: coaching/ mentorship/ Design related courses / design toolkit / consulting

How does your consulting work?

We have different engagement models and includes:
- Per hour, per day or per fixed period rates
- Fixed price agreements - Retainer models - Outcome/ value based pricing We have formed agreements with carefully selected designers working with us in a freelance capacity. We work with your team and become an extension of your team.