for business.

“Help my business convert design expertise into how we do business.”

“Help my business attract talented, skilled and passionate designers and keep them!”

“Help my business provide ongoing support for our designers throughout their design journey.”

“Help me help my designers reach our business goals.”

"Help me grow a design team from recruitment through to establishing a world class design competency."


 This is how we can help:   hiring  design advisors  learn

Membership includes:

help with hiring (permanent, contract and freelance), design consulting, learn design related business fundamentals.

It's free.  Forever.



We help solve problems by helping you build your team.

We don't call it recruitment. We call it connecting.

We facilitate connections between business and designer.  


 We help you find the right designer. 

  • Finding the right designer is hard enough.

  • There are many recruiters out there handing you CV's.

  • There are even more designers sending their CV's.

  • You feel overloaded.

We help you not wasting time trying to find the right designer.

You will get introduced to designers that you can trust.

 PLUS:  you get to determine our fee!  Not cut 'n' paste structure here! 

 Business members can post jobs for free 


We're not recruiters.

We are designers who have built design teams from the bottom up, gotten our hands dirty in design roles ourselves, and also run our own businesses. 


We understand design.  

We understand designers.  

We understand business. 


And we are passionate about establishing MEANINGFUL connections between designers and business.


How can we assist connecting you with the right designer for your business?

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design advisors.


(Some call it consultants)


We are so passionate about design that we made it our mission to build a whole community around it!

A community we serve to inspire on all things design.

Sometimes we go beyond inspiring designers and businesses come to us to extend design evangelism within their environments.  


Here's a taste of some recent design advisory projects we have worked on with businesses in our community >>


How can we assist with design in your business?

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Design services:




We believe there is a new way, a new mindset, that will shape what type of business you are, how you respond to change, how you evolve and what it feels like for customers/clients, employees, suppliers, or partners to connect with your business. We say there is only one way.  We believe design IS the new way.

Have a look at our blog for the latest business thinking and happenings in design. 

Explore innovative approaches to design led business!

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get involved.


Get ready.  Get involved.  Inspire. Collaborate!


Our community of designers is a valuable bunch of creative and interesting people we know well, and highly value.  We take care to provide them with access to the best businesses that can also bring value to their lives.


We work with established companies, start ups, and entrepreneurial groups to help them find business partners; develop research; find talent; launch new business initiatives; promote their unique brand and offerings, and more.​


How can you enter into a mutually beneficial and meaningful connection with our design community?


Here some suggestions of how you can contribute:

Exclusive offers for our members

Contribute to content creation

Share ideas on our design community

Sponsor design events

Sponsor design content

Host design events

Hire our designers to speak at your events

Hire our designers for project work

Hire our designers to mentor or coach your team members

Invite our designers to attend your event


Share how YOUR business would like to contribute to bettering the lives of our design community members. 

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