A design revolution

It's time we start a design revolution!

Have designers let their audiences down? Because they either stopped designing great solutions or they started designing solutions that had no bearing on audiences’ lives. So the designs became irrelevant to audiences.

We thought design is a little bit more than just design. We thought design was about what you FEEL about what you do. We don’t know if that’s how it is supposed to be. But for US that is what design is about.

Designs have to speak to its audiences.

What was design like in the past? What was it like over centuries? We feel lately there hasn’t been anything out there or at least very few designs with the type of emotion and rawness that good design deserves. Designs that mean something to people and that people will talk about for years and years to come.

We feel there are a lot of great influencers out there that can show us what is great about design. And with this Design Community we want to go to the next step and create a community that can push design even further. To take what has gone before and move on. It is so important to us that design is great again for us and for our audiences. We want to walk down the street, use an app, use a microwave and EXPERIENCE great design again. That’s what it’s about. It’s about wanting to take the next step, wanting to move on, wanting to inspire great design. Whatever it takes. We don’t know what it’ll take! We’d like to just do it and find out!

So what is this new community about? Well, it’s about us. We are designers, employers, recruiters, business, users - we are all of that. It is about trying to find the identity for the design of today. It’s what being a great designer is about. We have the same pressures and constraints as there has always been. And we’re fine with that. We can still be ourselves to design what we want, design what we think.

Designers are always told “you can’t design what you want, you’ve got to design what everybody else wants you to design”. That creates no real sense of identity - it’s always traded on what’s happened before. Of course we should trade a little bit of what has been in the past. The challenge for today’s designers is to absorb those influences and try and design for today.