Design for Business

Updated: Apr 7

It is time for a revolution in the business world, and it's up to us as designers to introduce it. We believe there is a new way, a new mindset, that will shape what type of business you are, how you respond to change, how you evolve and what it feels like for customers/clients, employees, suppliers, or partners to connect with your business. We say there is only one way. We believe design IS the new way.

There could not be a more important time as now for business to respond to change with this design mindset. Never before has business been faced with challenges as they do now with the knock-on effect of covid-19. Businesses have been faced with challenges before, in fact, it's almost part of being in business : increased competition, a struggling economy, an ever changing consumer, the rise of technology, challenges are constant. No longer is it about whether to respond to challenges, it is about how business is able to respond that equips them for survival and even success amidst trying times.

Change is part of nature, it's part of business, and it is a design way that can help business respond and thrive in it! You as a designer, are part of this, in fact, you are there to help business drive it, because for you, the design way is inherent.

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