Design Growth Challenge: Human Centered Design (HCD)

Updated: Jul 3

Human Centered Design is more of a mindset than a toolkit. It’s as simple as changing your mindset. It’s not some 1-2-3 sequence but instead a blind process. Put aside the notion that design is a self-contained act that begins towards the end of a product/service design lifecycle. It is instead a way of looking at creating a human centered solution. The toolset will vary from design to design. It’s the mindset of the designer that will be the killer advantage.

In our HCD Design Growth Challenge we follow a simple 6 step process when applying HCD on a real client (yes, so you can use your output as part of your portfolio)! We guide you through each step in the process, giving you context, access to resources to learn more about that step, and links to templates as well as examples of work relating to the task at hand. As with all our Design Growth Challenges, you are able to proceed at your own pace as this is self driven learning with allocated Design Community members to access should you require help or guidance along the way. Exciting. You up for the challenge? Lets GROW! Contact us at to get started!