Design growth program

“We need to empower our teams to deliver innovation that matters.”

Helping your designers build their careers, expand their skills and knowledge, and continuously be inspired to develop their design signature.

Our approach to design growth is about empowering the individual to achieve their goals by offering guidance, assistance and support in their design journey. Specifically UX, UI, Product Design, Service Design and Design Research.

Bridging the gap between design training to design doing. The doing is where business value is also realised. The added value of having expert and specialist guidance on live, real project work, within the real business environment, and growing in the reality of the business environment.

We share views, perspective, tips, tricks, know-hows and how-to's, "in-situ", on-the-job, to help designers learn, grow, and be equipped in the transition through the milestones in their design career.

Our specialised design growth program is:

  • Customised structured program based on individual needs & goals (not a cut and paste!). Our goal is to keep the bigger picture in mind so that their goals are realistically achieved.

  • Driven by the individual and supported by the program. Designers collaboratively create their journey with us (and the backdrop of the business) and set personal activities, mini goals and timelines.

  • Action oriented where tasks and mini goals are set in the journey as a means to drive this engagement and to enable accountability. Ensuring efforts remain realistic and in line with the individual (and mindful of business) goals.

We infuse growth into the business ecosystem by finding ways to structure growth within ‘business as usual’ through Design Coffee's; Q&A sessions; Online discussion boards, On the job Training, and "Ask the experts" workshops.

Dare and step up!

  • Start the growth journey with specialist design practitioner’s support to reach growth goals.

  • Get your design questions answered by experienced design practitioners.

  • Improve deliverables and knowledge.

  • Make industry connections.

  • Start thinking and feeling like you are already in your future design role.

  • Most importantly… BE INSPIRED!

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