Design Lead

Updated: Apr 19

A proven design leader not only through thought leadership but through action. This designer is testament to his word and views on design and makes it his personal mission to help other designers on their design journey. A mentor, an inspiring leader, and a true example of how a design mindset can transform organisations, teams and people to not accept what is, but to create what could be. He has built and developed design teams and practices from the ground up through his strong ethos in empowering and inspiring people. A talented problem solver through his human and user-centered approach to solution design. Skills:

Design Leadership - Design Evangelism UX Design - Service Design - Employee, Customer & Vendor Experience Design Innovator - Strategist - Mentorship & Training


Overall 20+ years consulting on UX design and building design teams from the ground up

16+ years as founder of a UX design agency

4+ years heading up design at a management consultancy

8+ years software development experience

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