Design Researcher

Updated: Apr 19

“In pursuit of uncovering human truths that unlock business opportunity.“

Devoted to helping evolve businesses in becoming more human in fulfilling their customers/employees/vendors needs in a positive, memorable, and impactful experience. This design researcher is human centered at the core with a flair for translating user needs within a commercial context. She believes in establishing meaningful connections between people/users and products/services/business. A curious explorer, adopting a design led approach to creating experiences from the grains of truth discovered through user insight generation. She never stops asking why. Dedicated, a true collaborator, commercially adept, and passionate about the discovery of human truths.


Design Research - Qualitative Research

User Experience - Service Design

Strategy - Ideation - Co-Create & Co-Design


Overall 14+ years driving commercial insights and research

3 years leading qualitative research in a management consultancy

3+ years heading up qualitative research in South Africa's division of a global top 5 market research firm

7 years driving research teams in the media industry

Project experience spans across automotive, media, pharmaceutical, finance, fmcg industries

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