Designing employee experiences (EX)

"How do we keep our staff happy, motivated, loyal and productive in our pursuit of growth?”

A client problem we were inspired to help solve! Our client, founders of a user centric organisation, recognised that the most important aspect of business was their people. To attract, maintain and grow their people was therefore their number one priority, realising that their very success relied on theirs.

As with all business efforts, we strive to grow by promising our potential customers value. That promise is the sum of all the hard work we put into a product. The PROCESS, DESIGN, RESEARCH and DELIVERY that has to be summarised into a single promise to the market.

The task at hand... to help this business do the same for their employees!

We were tasked with helping them achieve an optimal employee experience. But how? The answer to that question is not that simple with a lot of complexities, emotions & desires that underpin the larger question… What even makes employees happy, driven and fulfilled?

An endeavor remaining to be one of the most difficult things for a company to get right.

It was hard, we pushed boundaries and required re-thinking of some of the core fundamentals of their current business.

How did we do it?

  • Working with a human centered company - it wasn't a far stretch for us to employ the very same skills and processes they use for UX into our internal EX approach.

  • We are also advocates of collaboration and a co-designed and co-created approach was adopted from the onset.

  • In our experience it really helps to have external people facilitate this process and keep ownership driven from within. This became our prominent role, to carefully assist in orchestrating a solution built from within but with support and guidance from outside (us).

  • In the spirit of collaboration, comes our appreciation for specialism. The EX solution was crafted with a complimentary and carefully assembled team of specialists that had done this before - multiple times, and had the knowledge as a team, to help get it right, even though this was still owned and driven internally by the client.

  • But it wasn't just about getting it right, it was just as much about learning & growing along the way, adopting and evangelising this growth mindset was crucial in growing the business itself through the designing of the EX (employee experience).

We just happen to have spent many years in this pursuit and have the battle scars, learnings and knowledge to be able to facilitate, coordinate and craft the process to get there.

The result?

The good news: happy, motivated employees. Even more good news: the beneficiaries were not just the employees, the good employee experience (EX) is one that is passed onto clients and the business itself.