Don't drown in opportunity

As business owners and entrepreneurs we have a keen business sense and are always vulnerable to the lure of a new project or an exciting opportunity. While this is a great thing, it also needs to be approached with caution. By allowing ourselves to "drown" in all the opportunities we are faced with, we may end up failing at all of them.

Instead, by slowing down and refusing to take on the next challenge until we finish current projects, success is much more likely. Ensure the right resources and processes are in place, and that things can run smoothly without the attention we will undoubtedly have to divert to a new project. By making sure we follow our current projects right through to the end, we'll undoubtedly be successful and get the profit we need. How? Through reputation established by producing our best work and the loyalty that results from our clients receiving it - even better… the advocacy and word of mouth recommendations that unlock more opportunity.