Earn trust

Updated: Apr 8

When you're talking to a client, a colleague, a friend, family, anyone(!) make them feel like you are paying attention (PAY ATTENTION). That right there is customer service already.

Creative people have the curse of knowledge. We talk in a very cryptic language and almost talk down. Remember that the client does not know your field and it is often the first time they hear some of the things you talk about. They can't use your language, they don't understand it. Find a common ground so that they know what you are talking about and so that they can see what you see. Rather ask questions than telling them. Diagnose! Your job is to find out what matters to them.

Then confirm with them: "Here is what i heard you say.....". If you're a little bit of target then ask more questions. Until you understand what they want and until they feel comfortable that you do.

Earn trust and get the job done!.