Entrepreneur loneliness

Updated: Sep 11

Being an entrepreneur is tough whether be it an entrepreneur running your own business or a freelancer being responsible to make ends meet. To us freelancers are entrepreneurs too. You don’t just own the business, you are the business. You probably wear way more hats than you’d like. Many hours of hard work. 24x7x365. Minimum wage. Never stop thinking about your business. Often neglecting those close to you. And yourself. And that leaves you feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and alone. On top of that, friends and family, well, they just don’t get it. They might not even know what you do or can’t keep up with your latest endeavour, suggesting you get a “real job.” But it doesn’t have to be like this. Imagine having a place where you belong. A place where you’re part of a community of creative entrepreneurs who understand the struggles you go through everyday. A place where your friends will hold you accountable, celebrate your wins, and help you overcome what’s holding you back. A place where mentors help you with all your business challenges because your success is their main priority. That’s what’s waiting for you inside the Design community, and so much more.