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My appreciation for user insights began from the onset of my career in both commercial and consumer insights roles in the media industry. From press to radio to television with the responsibility of drawing out key insights that convert into increased readership/listenership/viewership. A time where statistical consumer data was freely available but consumer motivations and behaviour behind them was not understood without digging deeper through qualitative research methods.

My commercial, strategic and qualitative research and insights expertise further grew in the business world through the market research discipline where I developed the specialised craft of transforming key insights into business strategy and competitive advantage.

Upon entering the research consulting world my commercial mindset and collaborative way of work matured through a co-create and co-design approach to working with business partners and team comrades. Making a transition into the realm of design, bringing my human and user centered approach to design teams in how we draw insights and convert them into human centered design solutions.

“I’ve learnt how the best designed solutions are always drawn from those rich insights users share.”

“Taking good design to GREAT design, starts with mastering empathy.”

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