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I started with software development (mainframe, PC, Web, mobile) after which i moved into the world of systems and business anaIysis. Creating user friendly employee and customer facing software solutions that help people get the job done and help them reach their goals in an easy to use way. So much so, that I transcended my career into creating products and services with a human centered mindset. And just as important, an entrepreneurial mindset required to understand what the bottom line means. I listen, figure out the issue and find ways to solve it. I blend in with teams, figure out what drives them, and inspire them to reach their goals. I believe in a co-creative way of work, to leverage each team member’s strength and empowering team members to collectively support the organisation’s vision.

I believe in new ways of working, aligning core values with processes and organisational structures that are future fit for a changing world. I have built up a network of the best minds and skills and with values and beliefs aligned.

I am devoted to exceptional customer experiences. Customer loyalty starts with the organisation and is a mindset, that’s it!

“We need to empower our teams to deliver innovation that matters.”

“The experiences we create are inspired by people.”

“Empathy and creativity will change the world."

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