How badly do you want it?

Updated: Apr 8

I received an email the other day from a guy asking me how did i become so successful in my business. He also said that he works very hard, attends networking events, and do everything just right. Yet, his business just wouldn't take off. And he asked for some advice. I replied: You really want to know? Sure, it's no secret. I'll share my story of success with you. Meet me at the beach tomorrow morning at 4am. His reply: Sure, see you there! And sure enough, the next day at 4am he was there. Dressed up in a suit, looking the part. Notebook in hand. And all excited to learn about the secret to my success. So he says while walking towards me, holding out his hand to introduce himself: "Hello, thank you for sharing your secret. But tell me, why here at the beach?" "To share my secret to success just as you asked me to." i replied. "Come, let's take a walk." i said as i headed for the water. "But we're walking into the water!" he shouted amazed. "We are." i said. "But why?" he asked. "I have a suit on and my notebook!" he said anxiously. "You asked about the secret of my success, so then follow me." i replied with somewhat of a smile. And sure enough, he followed me right into the water. When we got in to about chest height he shouted whilst holding his beloved notebook above his head with the one hand and his bright red tie with the other: "PLEASE TELL ME, WHAT IS THE SECRET OF YOUR SUCCESS?!" It was then in a flash that i pushed his head under the water. Notebook flying to the side as he tried to take my hands away to keep his head above the water. Head under the water and trying to fend me off, kicking and bubbles everywhere i held his head under water for a moment and then i let go. Gasping for air and very much surprised and actually quite shocked he yelled: "WHAT WAS THAT? WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" You wanted to know what it takes to be successful." i replied in a calm voice. "But what did you do that for?!" he shouted still in awe and surprised at my actions. "When you couldn't breathe you did anything you could and anything possible to save yourself. You didn't hesitate. You gave it your all. You focused on surviving." i said in a soft-toned manner. "YES, BUT WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH IT?!" he asked. "When you do whatever it takes. THAT's is when you become successful." i said with a smile.