How to ask for help

Updated: Jan 22

I have mentors!  When i am stuck on a problem and need their help i take the time to write down a good yet short description of my problem before i reach out to them.  I highlight the context, the problem the options and thoughts on each.  i make it as concise as possible so as to not waste their time.  Before i send it i imagine what they will say.  Then i update what i wrote to address some of the obvious points in advance.  i think about what they have said in the past.  I think about what i have learnt from them in the past.  Then, often i realise i don't need to bother them because the answer is now clear.  I might email them to thank them for their continued inspiration.   Truth be told.  I have never spoken to any of my mentors.  They don't even know they are my mentors.  And perhaps they don't even know i exist.