How to take a compliment

A basic life skill?  I don't know it.

What should you do when someone gives you a compliment?  Do you run it down, disagree, mock the giver?  Most people deny the compliment.  They laugh it off.

I often do.

Think of how inconsiderate that is.  Think of the courage it took to give you that compliment.  They make themselves vulnerable.  They admit they like something you do.  Then they take the time and make the effort to tell you so.  When they do, make them feel good!

So what should you do?  Just say "Thank you."  Nothing more.  Thank them for putting themselves out there and taking the time to compliment you.  THAT's what you focus on.  Even if you don't agree with their compliment.  Show interest in THEM.  

Please, spread the word.  Everyone can use this simple life skill.

Originally from Livingston Taylor (Musician)