Make beautiful things

Make things to be used. Eliminate anything that is unnecessary.

Obsession is essential to creativity.

Creativity is not a competition.

All you need is less. Less but better.

See life with wonder.

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.

Have endless curiosity.

Have a great perspective of other designers.

What drives you to create? What drew you to design?

Make something - it creates peace.

It is quite a compelling thing to create. It is in the transforming of things.

When you design force yourself off the computer! Get back into the workshop!

The joy of creating something.

Design has become an intrinsic part of what we do.

Find something beautiful in a very simple narrative.

Do something that is different to what has happened before.

Make time for your own aesthetic and individual ideas.

Design for what matters.

Thrive for unexpected amazingness.