Only two intentions in life.

The two intentions in life are:

  1. Get the job done

  2. Be right, popular, consistent

I want to choose as often as possible to get the job done.  I choose to get the job done at the cost of being popular, of being comfortable, of being right, of being consistent and all else.  I just want to get the job done.  That's it. Being right all the time is not going to let you get the job done. The other day my dad and I were driving to the shops.  It was scary.  We're in a lane on the highway when it got to a section where two lanes merge.  So there is this other driver that moves over to our lane without considering where we're driving.  He was being inconsiderate and plainly obnoxious.  So I tell my dad to slow down so that the other driver can come into our lane.  "No!  He has to wait for us.  He is coming into our lane.  He has to slow down."  So I told my dad: "Yes, you're right but is it worth it putting our lives on the line because you are right?" (My dad, I love him lots!) What is the price of being right?  The job to be done is to get us home.  Is it ok to be wrong to get the job done?  I don't want to be right.  I choose to get the job done.