Recruiting is a team effort

Updated: Apr 8

How can one decide an applicant's future in a one hour session? How is it possible to decide in one conversation, of about one hour, whether the applicant can add value to the organisation and it's clients?

Sure, decision makers, or rather the ones responsible for the organisation (aren't we all?) or the ones signing payslips should guide and perhaps have the final say. But, the whole organisation or at least the immediate team should also talk to the new team member (applicant). Get to know this human being. Give them the opportunity to get to know us.

An interview shouldn't be an hour. And this thing of completing all kinds of personal documents with HR, then speak to the manager for an hour and then to the next level manager and then to the board member (whomever feels like it) is nonsense.

An interview should be as long as it takes. Half a day, two hours now, an hour tomorrow, three hours next week, etc. Who knows, if done the right way both parties can make up their minds in the first 5 minutes!

An interview is not the time to assess skills. An interview is a time to get to know the other person.

Both sides should feel comfortable and sure they want to be a part of the vision of the organisation. Both should know whether they can add value to the applicant's career and most important: to their future. Both should realise the value they can add: the organisation to the individual, the individual to the organisation. It should be a discussion for however long it takes.

No salary discussions. No what courses have you completed. No: "tell me about this project. The first interview should be a conversation between human beings talking about human stuff. Get to know the humans (on both sides). Humans first. Then ambitions, growth, contributions (both sides), inspiration (both sides), teach (both sides). Then the role/ deliverables expected/ contributions expected.

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