Snr (human-centered) UI Designer

Updated: Apr 19

‘Empathy and kindness are my superpowers.”

We couldn't describe this UI designer's demenaur any better than that quote, in her own words! Her clients describe her as kind, thoughtful, always willing to help, and simply "the most on point creative UX designer I have ever worked with". And as design community member too, we have experienced this first hand.

This is a designer who brings both accomplished UI skills, experience AND a good warm attitude to both work and people. This is how her appreciation for UX naturally developed, a well infused human-centered UI Designer that fits comfortably in a UX world.

Independent, self driven, and a wealth of experience.


Human led design - Conceptual & Creative Thinking - Ideation

Sketching & Wireframing - Rapid, Iterative & Interactive Prototyping

User Flow Creation - End-to-end Product Design - Low, Medium, High Fidelity Design


Overall, 15+ years design experience (graphic, multimedia and UI and most recently including UX practice into her design)

4+ years product designer role in fintech

12+ years in design capacity at agencies working across varying accounts from automotive, telecoms, hospitality, retail and finance with strong UI focus

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