UX Designer

Updated: Apr 19

Meet your very own problem solver. This User Experience Designer is committed to seeing a business problem through right to the end. She is not fooled nor lured into execution without cause, but instead remains fixed on how to problem solve no matter what the challenge. Sometimes this means introducing a new perspective to a stakeholder’s fixed view, other times this means readdressing the actual problem requiring solving, and many times this means finding creative ways to break through the barriers of time, budget, product, environment and contextual challenges. No matter what, this designer honors her problem solving purpose the whole way through from that first insight to the designed solution that makes the problem vanish!

A team player, an involved collaborator, and a designer others WANT to work with.

A strategic thinker, a stickler for detail, and an acquired talent for understanding both user and business angles of problem solution design.


User Experience Design - Project strategy Design conceptualising - Facilitating discovery workshops & brainstorm sessions

Team collaboration - Project management

Conversion optimisation - Quality assurance


Overall 8+ years in UX design

5 years in UX roles in agency environments

3+ years heading up a team performing Snr UX role

Industry experience expands travel/tourism, automotive, finance

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