Sr UX Designer

Updated: Apr 19

"Simplification is a true value."

There are few UX designers out there who are as book smart, theoretical AND well practiced as this experienced UX Designer. Best described as a UX purist, a true specialist, he is not swayed by the hype nor coolness of design, but seeks to correct the misinterpretations of the holy UX toolkit. He works from a true passion and belief in user experience fundamentals and is an advocate through his work. Some say he is pedantic, others understand he is just a stickler for never wavering from the right (and best) way to execute. Someone who will represent the user and stand the ground for their sake.


UX Research - UX Analysis - UX Testing - UX Evaluations & Reviews - Information Architecture - UX Systems & Toolkits


10+ years eCommerce & Innovation consulting

UX, User Research & Usability for fintech startups

User Experience for both new and accomplished eCommerce organisations

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