The 5 Candidate Motivations That Matter the Most

Updated: Apr 7

Knowing what is important to the person and why they are interested in changing roles gives you a blueprint for how to approach your search and a better idea of how successful the candidate will be in the long-term. This will enable you to create a value proposition that speaks to the candidate, and it will help to ensure that they will succeed in the position. Passion, Growth, and Learning People who are driven by passion or a desire to grow and learn new things share a common denominator – an excitement and an energy surrounding their pursuit. Company Culture and Alignment Connections to co-workers as well as belief in the company’s mission are important factors for job satisfaction. People need to feel like they are part of a team that’s moving in the same direction. Career Trajectory Most people have a sense of where they want to go in their careers, whether it be job title, areas of responsibility, or span of influence. When candidates hit a roadblock in any of these areas, this can be a strong motivating factor for them to make a change in their career. Compensation Money may not buy happiness, but it is a basic necessity. Depending on what stage of life people are at, they will view the issue of compensation through different lenses. Remember compensation comes in many forms, some value time off more than financial rewards. People look for how value is added to their lives, financial being highly important, but not everything. Location It’s important to qualify upfront whether location will be an issue for the candidate. Since location correlates with commute time, this can often be a huge disruptor in people’s lives. WFH (working from home) relates to location and is fast becoming a factor in role decision making. Success After the Hire Understanding the candidate’s motivations not only helps in closing them, but it also creates an environment that ensures their success after the hire. You are hiring for the long term, and motivation is one of the biggest predictors of long-term success and placement.