UI designers wanted...

Updated: Sep 11

UI = User Interface. NOT graphics. Not JUST visual. There is motion design, gesture design, voice design.

iPhone: realised on old phones that the keyboard is being used all the time. Realised the software/ apps' design is limited to the keyboard. If the software/ app changes, one cannot change the keyboard. THAT is UI Design! Observing users, using common sense and then change the INTERFACE design.

Stylus or similar pointing devices. Apple realised we all have fingers and that is the best natural pointing device so they redesigned their interfaces by creating a phone whereby the glass screen can be touched. THAT is user interface design.

What is UID? User Interface Design is a crucial subset of UX. They both share the same end goal—to provide a positive experience for the user—but UI Design comprises an entirely separate leg of the journey. Put simply, UI is what you use to interact with a product, while UX is concerned with how this overall interaction feels. What is a visual designer? Visual design was born out of a mixture of graphic design and user interface (UI) design. It focuses on the aesthetics of a website or any other type of digital design. What does a graphic designer do? Graphic design as a profession has been around much longer than visual design. Graphic designers started out designing for print publications: books, magazines, newspapers, brochures, catalogs, and the like. Graphic designer responsibilities include creating page layouts, advertisements, marketing materials, and sometimes more specialized products like typefaces. Employers, recruiters, designers - please consider this when posting job opportunities and when you compile job specs.