Visual Designer

Updated: Apr 19

A visual designer whose thoughts are alive, this designer is warm in her approach to people and work. A designer who embraces ongoing learning and growth and continues to invest herself into the realms of future facing design methods and approaches she comes into contact with. From UX to project management to agile and the list goes on, this designer makes it her mission to know more, making it easy for her to infuse and work alongside other specialists working together towards the same goal. Agency and corporate business work experience, her familiarity and understanding in varying business environments enables her to hit the ground running from the get go.

Curious, open and an inherent passion for beautiful things she remains grounded in design that actually works for the user whom she never loses sight of.

This designer cares. This designer has empathy for users.

A great person to be part of the team and to invest in as she gives only her best.


Graphic design - Web design - Video editing

Print - Websites - Online


Overall 10+ years in graphic and visual design

Extensive experience working with 3rd party suppliers and deep expertise working with printing industry on projects

Design work expands the breath of communication materials across varying industries and in addition, solid work experience in the government sector

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