We only have 10 clients

Our laws we HAVE to abide by:

  • No more than 10 clients at a time

  • We can never sell (the business) or retire

  • Unpaid written proposals cannot exceed 1 page

  • We cannot sell or track time

  • We must always say what we are thinking to clients and prospects

The constraint itself (of having only 10 clients) is the source of creativity to overcome the constraint and build a business that’s even stronger than we have now. With every new prospect that we want to take on we need to ask which client will we let go? It should be the one that we have the least exchange of value with, the one with whom we lack meaningful connection, the one who lacks depth of relationship. This will make us even more successful. Focussing on meaningful connections. Not just for us, but for our clients' betterment too. To hold us both accountable in investing in our shared success.