What makes creatives more valuable than others?

Updated: Sep 11

What’s the most difficult thing in life? The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself. What’s the easiest thing in life? To give advice – Thales [624-546 BC]

What makes a creative person more valuable? Their ability to help others find their meaning, their purpose.

How? By asking good questions and by listening. Your value is determined by the quality of questions that you ask. The questions you ask demonstrates your knowledge, experience, confidence and therefore your expertise.

Low value questions – What does it look like? – When is it due? – Who is the target market? – What is the budget? This is a checklist.

Higher value questions – How did you come up with this idea? – Describe how this looks in your mind. – How will you judge if this is successful? These are open-ended questions and invite people to participate.

High value questions – Why is this important? – Why do you believe this to be true? – Beyond money, why do you (your business) exist? These create purpose. Ask questions to surface a deeper meaning.