What’s your talent?

Everyone has a talent, we may not have discovered or nurtured it but deep within there is a calling for what we are designed to do. Sometimes it means we have to explore, experiment, reflect, evaluate or dig deep to bring it to the fore. When you realise it, and give it the attention is deserves, we begin honing our craft. There are many things we may be good at, we may even be exceptional at it but your real talent is about how it makes you feel. Does it light a fire inside? Does it make you truly happy and smile from the inside out? Do you get lost in the moment and time disappears and you go into your mode and cant get out? Do you think about it often, at random moments, is it part of you? Your talent IS part of you, and when you neglect it and settle for what you can do not what you love to do, true fulfilment can never be reached. Whether you use your talent full time or as a side hustle or hobby, whatever you do, don’t ignore the very thing that can bring you the ultimate life experience.