What to do about meetings

Updated: Apr 8


from Jamie-Lee Easton, Practice Lead: UX at Immersion

Are more meetings warranted during remote work? Are we just craving engagement and interaction with other people during this time? How have you solved for it individually or as a collective?


from Alan Williams at DDC

Our default schedule for meetings is 15 minutes. To discuss action points and we have outcomes specified (before the meeting commences). We prep beforehand, look at highlights of action points - the three most important tasks to complete, decide what's next. Almost an OKR approach with a "human centered approach" intertwined and then end the meeting. We use a task/ project management app and have an internal communication tool. This is how we run the business and projects. We never make decisions in meetings or try to solve problems during meetings. We actually have 9am, 12pm, 4:30pm sessions every weekday - 15 mins MAX and they usually are 5-10mins. To talk about whatever someone suggests. Project specific meetings are "workshops/ think tanks" sessions and not seen as meetings and also with outcomes specified. Even meetings with clients are based on this concept. And they love it!

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