Your business manifesto

What's your manifesto? Your public declaration of how you work is important as it asks the world to hold you accountable to what you stand for, what you believe in, and your 'why'. This is ours. 1. We will specialise 2. We will replace presentations with conversations 3. We will diagnose before we prescribe 4. We will rethink what it means to sell 5. We will do with words what we used to do with paper 6. We will be selective 7. We will build expertise rapidly 8. We will not solve problems before we are paid 9. We will address issues of money early 10. We will refuse to work at a loss 11. We will charge more 12. We will hold our heads high We are human, our business is human, so we learn, grow, adapt and mature - your manifesto should evolve with you too, if it doesn't, refine it. Hold yourself accountable to what you promise the world. We all want someone and something to believe in. Lead the way.