for recruiters.

find trusted partners.

We work with recruiters serving as their connectors.  In a mutually beneficial partnership between Recruiter & DDC we connect Designer (UI, UX, SD) and businesses.  

We are your design specialist and we come equipped with an army of designers.  As experts in the design field we are able to connect you with the right designer for the the business opportunity you are looking to fill.  

How?  We bring you great designers.  The right designer for the right job role.  
What's more?  We are so passionate about finding our designers job fulfilment, we offer our design expertise throughout the recruitment process.  From co-designing job specs and readying candidate CV's and portfolios, to mediating interviews and accompanying the onboarding in the new employees first days.  We become your right hand man offering you design expertise the whole way through making the connection between designer and job opportunity.