DNA Design Community

Terms & Conditions

for candidate placement

DNA Publishing CC t/a DNA Design Community (DDC) supports designers and business through providing meaningful connections between designers and business.   


Businesses must abide by our Terms of Service (TOS) to keep the way we work honest, transparent and conducive to making design great again, together.


This agreement is in place on the date of signing, or, upon engagement of the introduced DDC Candidate (including but not limited to designers, freelancers), whichever is earliest.


  1. Use your best judgment.

  2. Be kind.

  3. Respect the designers' relationship and affiliation with DDC as their representative. Any DDC Candidate that is introduced to the business through DDC, and the business hires the DDC Candidate in any capacity, within 1 (one) year of referral, the business will be liable to pay DDC a connectors fee.

  4. Honour our exchange of value.  The business will be invoiced by DDC, according to the agreed upon commission structure with the business and DDC, and based on the DDC Candidate's total CTC annual remuneration as indicated in their employment contract.  DDC is a VAT registered company and our fees agreed to exclude VAT. Our VAT registration number is 4740255437.

  5. Remuneration to be handled in a professional manner.  Payment is due on or before the due date of the invoice received. Invoices are produced and dispatched on the day that the signed letter of appointment, employee contract or any other form of official engagement between the employer and employee is signed.  A copy of a signed letter of appointment or employment contract is required as part of the warranty.

  6. Understand we are human and cannot safeguard you from any damages or losses of whatsoever nature that may be suffered or incurred by the business arising from DDC candidate placement which is made in good faith.  

  7. Honour your commitment and uphold a trustworthy and honest business relationship with DDC. No deals to be made with DDC represented designers outside the DDC relationship when the introduction was made via DDC. The business is to contact DDC should a DDC Candidate contact the business directly or via another third party to secure placement outside of DDC.

  8. Act respectfully and in a human-centered way.  Don’t share anything confidential without permission, and, at the same time, please respect confidences, regarding the DDC candidate and DDC. 


We’ll do our best to reach out to people who are out of sync with our TOS, but we reserve the right to suspend or remove anyone from this agreement without notice.


When in doubt, consider rule 2.


Thank you.

_______________________________ (company and legal entity)

and DNA Publishing CC t/a DNA Design Community

have duly executed this agreement as of this _____ (day) of __________ (month) in _____ (year).

Agreed connector's fee of total annual CTC:

(Please select an offer): 5% [ ] 7.5%[ ] 10%[ ] 12.5%[ ] 15%[ ] 20%[ ]


Business registration number:

Authorised business signatory:



Business: DNA Publishing CC t/a DNA Design Community

Business registration number: 2000/041237/23

Authorised business signatory: