write for ddc.

So you’re interested in being published on DDC?

Great! Let's do it. Please have a read through the information below.  Then decide whether this is for you.  We'd love to hear from you!

What types of content do we accept?

We expect original, exclusive and practical content written by someone with experience in UX, Service Design, visual thinking, business storytelling, creativity or other related fields.

  • Design related topics— General thoughts, conversations.

  • Tutorials & How-tos — Short guides that help people get up to speed on a specific method, help them solve a particular problem, or that walk them through the process of achieving something UX or Service Design related.

  • Case Studies — Share practical examples and helpful insights that help readers improve their own work.

  • Stories that benefit the community

What we DON'T want!

Our readers are first.  We carry their best interest at heart.  We don't do sponsored posts, self-promotional posts, click-bait, press releases, re-publishing.  Let's work together and let us know if you need help with an article you want to post on DDC. 

We reserve the option to un-publish, remove or withheld any contribution we don't feel serves to the greater good of the design community.

Why should you?
This is the place to do work and share it with others. A place to *steal and improve. Generously share ideas and knowledge. Take advantage of the community.  Contribute. A place where you become known.

*I steal from people who are smarter than me.  I learn from them.  I improve and then share with everyone.  I give back.